1.1.0 released

Aug 14, 2019 • Ilyaki

Update v1.1.0 has just been released!

Download it here.


  • Added startup hooks. These hooks are injected before a process runs, so are used for hooks that need to change the startup behaviour of a game.
    • FindWindow hook: This will prevent a game detecting if another instance’s window already exists.
    • DirectInput hook: Hooks the DirectInput API which is used for controller input by most old games.
  • Added a DirectInput to XInput translation hook. Most games use XInput for controller input, but it is limited to a maximum of 4 controllers. DirectInput doesn’t have a controller limit, so this hook allows you to use more than 4 controllers.
    • DirectInput doesn’t support input from both triggers simultaneously, so you may have to configure your controls accordingly.
  • Fixed modifier keys (e.g. Shift/Ctrl/Alt) not working in Minecraft and some other games.

  • Fixed crashing on Windows 7 due to xinput1_4.dll missing and Visual C++ redistributables.

  • Added option to autofill the handle name in the handle unlocker.

  • Added option to unlock multiple handles at a time by separating with 5 and symbols: &&&&&

  • Added utility for quickly editing the Goldberg Emulator account name and Steam ID.

  • Added a GetKeyboardState hook to fix some games listening to input from multiple keyboards.

  • Toggle window borders will now completely trim the window borders.

  • Improved sending Windows activate messages for some games.

  • Improved presets for Goldsrc games (e.g. Half-Life and Sven Co-op).

  • Fixed the GetForegroundWindow hook crashing some games.

  • Improved the GetForegroundWindow hook with more compatibility.

  • Improved the GetKeyState hook by hooking all keys.

  • Fixed being able to accidentally open the start menu by one keyboard pressing Ctrl and the other Esc.

  • Improved Raw input filter by faking window focus within the input.

  • Added automatic update checking at start up. (Can be turned off in the About page).