x360ce Guide

x360ce can trick any game into thinking any controller is a standard xbox 360 controller. This is useful if your controller doesn’t work out of the box with a game.

x360ce setup

  1. Download x360ce 3.X from the GitHub releases. I would recommend x360ce 3.X over 4.X as it has bindings for most controllers, and 4.X can duplicate the controller indexes.
  2. You will need x360ce.zip if you are playing a 32-bit game and x360ce_64.exe if it is 64-bit. If in doubt, try 32-bit first, then try 64-bit if it doesn’t work.
  3. Extract the x360ce.zip anywhere by right-clicking -> Extract all…
  4. Open the game directory. For Steam games, right-click the game in Steam -> Properties -> Local files -> Browse local files…
  5. Find the directory where the executable (exe) for the game is located. If it isn’t in the immediate directory, it is probably in a folder called bin/win32/win64 or similar.
  6. Copy x360ce.exe from the x360ce directory to the game directory, then run it after plugging in your controllers.
  7. It will say ‘xinput1_3.dll’ was not found. Click the create button next to it. Close the Warnings list by clicking Ignore All.
  8. You will be prompted to search the internet for configurations for your controllers.
  9. Try pressing buttons on your controllers. You should see corresponding buttons light up.
  10. If x360ce didn’t find a correct configuration for your controller, you can select [Record] in the dropdowns next to the button names, and press the button on your controller.
  11. Switch between controllers by clicking Controller 1/2/3/4 at the top.
  12. Once you have finished, click Save and close x360ce.
  13. You will notice that x360ce has created xinput1_3.dll next to x360ce.exe. You need to copy-paste this dll several times and rename it to xinput1_4.dll, xinput1_2.dll, xinput1_1.dll and xinput9_1_0.dll
  14. x360ce setup is now completed. In Universal Split Screen, make sure the Hook XInput for gamepads option is selected, and that you setup the Controller index for each game instance. You will probably want to test the game with your controllers without split screen, to make sure x360ce is working as expected.